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Library Collection Review Project: Home

Communicates library collection development policy to stakeholders, including current deselection list

Deselection lists by Collection Area

Below are the lists of identified items for deselection for Summer 2018.  Please review the lists and provide feedback.  Thanks!

HD1 - HD 82 (Business strategy and policy)

If you believe an item should remain in the collection, paste the call number, publication information, and rationale into the response form below.  Alternatively, meet with your  liaison librarian to communicate further. 

Click here to give Input to your Liaison Librarian


Current Collection Review Project

Purpose:  The collection is undergoing regular maintenance to keep it relevant and up to date for student assignments.  Our local collection is enhanced by reciprocal borrowing through interlibrary loan, so students and faculty have access to a wider network of information resources than ever before. 

Deselection, also known as weeding, eliminates outdated and poor condition items.  This process will relieve shelf impaction, improve the usefulness of the collection, and in most cases create some new space for student use.  Materials that are withdrawn from the collection will be subject to University policies addressing property disposition.

Materials under review for de-selection: 

  • reference
  • local government documents
  • main collection. 

Note:  Books and materials in the humanities and some social sciences do not normally become obsolete over a span of years or even decades.  These items are not the focus of this process.

Criteria for de-selection:   De-selecting is conducted using librarians' bibliographic expertise, discipline standards, and the guidelines established in the library's Collection Development Policy (see below).  Librarians also consult with discipline faculty to get their input on de-selection decisions.  Here are some criteria librarians may use, keeping in mind that for some disciplines older information is retained for its enduring value:

user demand
multiple copies
information superseded
physical condition
relevance to instruction
long term value

From the Collection Development Policy

3.1 Selection Criteria

Primary considerations for selection of materials include:

  • Significance or importance in the academic community of California State University Stanislaus
  • Significance or importance in supporting a subject discipline
  • Duplication of the titles and content in the existing collection
  • Availability of material via consortial collections
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Balance of coverage among disciplines and subject areas, adjusted vis-à-vis student enrollment and demonstrated demand
  • Offerings of unique, more extensive, or more complete content resources
  • Currency and validity of information, including frequency of updating
  • Archival considerations in terms of preserving access to previously purchased resources


4.0  Management and Maintenance of Collections

The Library will conduct ongoing review and evaluation of collections in all disciplines. In order to maintain accuracy and currency in subject areas, librarians will consult with discipline faculty for the purchase of new materials as well as deselection of materials from the collections.

Materials may be withdrawn from the collection based on the following criteria:

  • Superseded or obsolete materials
  • Duplicate copies of little used works
  • Lost, missing, or damaged items

11/3/16 amended and approved; R. Rodriguez

Contact your Department Liaison Librarian

Library Collection Development Committee

 Collection Development Committee (CODC) Charge
Revised 11/18/16

The CODC is a new committee established in March 2015.  It serves as an internal advisory, planning and approval group, providing leadership in collection development policy as described in Collection Development and Management for the CSU Stanislaus Library: Background and Policies (10/8/04). 

The University Library’s Collection Development Committee (CODC) consists of the Dean of Library Services and four librarians as follows:

  • The Electronic Resources Librarian
  • The Technical Services Librarian
  • Two librarians are appointed by the Dean of Library Services for staggered two year terms.

General charge of the CODC:

The Dean of Library Services retains overall responsibility for Library collections, and delegates operational and general responsibility to the members of the CODC.

In consultation with subject liaisons, the CODC coordinates the selection, acquisition and management of the library’s collection of books, periodicals, serials, databases, media resources, gift books and other library materials in order to support the broad educational mission of the University. The CODC advises on budgetary matters relative to collection development.  The CODC is also charged with planning and leading special projects related to the collection (print or electronic).  The CODC provides support and works in coordination the Special Collections/Digital Archives Librarian and with collection development policies that pertain to Special Collections/University Archives.


Ron Rodriguez, Dean
Annie Hor, Head of Technical Services
John Brandt, Electronic resources Librarian
Maryann Hight, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Tim Held, Reference and Instruction Librarian

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