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University Library Updates - COVID-19

Temporary Library Services Page - Response to COVID-19

Troubleshoot Your Access Issues

Are you having issues accessing Library materials online? (Click right for more)

The best way to search for e-resources is to use our OneSearch catalog or our many databases. Links from the Library website will prompt you to log in using University credentials, whereas general links from the web will not.

There are many factors that may impact your access, and we can help you troubleshoot! Please use the chat box in the bottom-right corner to talk to a librarian, or email us at You can also try the suggestions in the following slides as a starting point. Click the right arrow to see more.

Slides: Table of Contents

  1. Are you having issues accessing Library materials online? - Overview and contact information
  2. Are you able to log into the Library catalog?
  3. Are you able to log into our proxy server?
  4. Are you using Google Scholar?

Are you able to log into the library catalog?

You can use OneSearch, our Library catalog, to search for e-books, articles, and more. Sign-in to OneSearch directly here, in the upper-right corner of the page. 

The OneSearch sign-in uses the same username (Warrior ID) and password as your other University accounts, like Blackboard and email. If you are able to log in, move to the next suggestion. If you are not able to log in, this means you are locked out of all University accounts. Contact OIT for help here.

Are you able to log into our proxy server?

Use this link to test if you can log into our proxy server, which allows you to use resources like databases and e-books off-campus by confirming your University credentials again. The link featured here as an example will take you to our database Academic Search Premier if your login is successful. You'll see this proxy login screen whenever you click on links from OneSearch or select one of our databases

This login should also be your University credentials (Warrior ID and password). However, if you have updated your University password recently, you may have an outdated password saved in your browser manager. Try your University login, and use prompts on the screen (upper-right corner in Chrome, for example) to check your saved password for this page. Follow the instructions on this page to see your saved passwords in different browsers.

If you are unable to log into the proxy, please contact us for help by using our chat box or emailing us at

Are you using Google Scholar?

If you are using research links from somewhere outside our Library website, like Google Scholar, you will not see access to our Library materials.

For example, if you try to search for a database like “EBSCOhost” in Google, you will be asked to sign in using an “institutional account,” which will not work. If you use Google Scholar to find articles, you may be directed to a paywall for the article and will be unable to sign in with an “institutional account.” These errors occur because you have not authenticated your access through the proxy links on our Library website.

However, you can configure Google Scholar to connect to our Library catalog. Refer to the sections “Accessing CSU Stanislaus Library Content & Services via Google Scholar” and “Using your Google Account” on this page. See other sections for more information and search strategies.

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