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Department Liaisons & Representatives: Department Liaisons & Representatives

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Liaisons & Representatives


2020/2021 Liaisons & Representatives

Department Dept. Representative Librarian Liaison Librarian Email
Accounting & Finance Dr. Jason Song Tim Held
Advanced Studies in Education Dr. Steven Drouin Kevin Augustine
Agricultural Studies Dr. Oluwarotimi Odeh Tim Held
Anthropology Dr. Richard Wallace Annie Hor
Art C. Roxanne Robbin Annie Hor
Biological Sciences Dr. Ritin Bhaduri Jaime Neudecker
Chemistry Dr. Michael Drake Jaime Neudecker
Communication Studies Dr. Christopher Claus Laura Rocco
Computer Information Systems Dr. Pi-Sheng Deng Tim Held
Computer Science Dr. Melanie Martin Isabel Vargas
Criminal Justice Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang Annie Hor
Economics Dr. Edward Erickson Tim Held
English Dr. Monica Flores Tim Held
Ethnic Studies Dr. Xamuel Bañales Laura Rocco
Gender Studies Dr. Betsy Eudey Laura Rocco
Geography Dr. Jose Diaz-Garayua Isabel Vargas
Geology Dr. Julia Sankey Maryann Hight
History Dr. Paul Strauss John Brandt
Kinesiology Dr. Jeff Bernard Kevin Augustine
Liberal Studies Dr. Daniel Soodjinda Kevin Augustine
Management, Operations, & Marketing Dr. Saejoon Kim Tim Held
Mathematics Dr. Yanhong Wu Jaime Neudecker
Modern Languages Dr. Carlos Andres Isabel Vargas
Music Dr. Joseph Wiggett John Brandt
Nursing Dr. Marla Seacrist John Brandt
Philosophy Dr. Hakhamanesh Zangeneh Annie Hor
Physics & Physical Sciences Dr. Wing To Maryann Hight
Politics & Public Administration Dr. Steven Routh Tim Held
Psychology/Child Dev./Cognitive Studies Dr. Victor Luevano John Brandt
Social Sciences Dr. Ralph Becker Kevin Augustine
Social Work Dr. Sevaughn Banks John Brandt
Sociology Dr. Tyler Schafer Annie Hor
Teacher Education Dr. Kimy Liu Kevin Augustine
Theatre Dr. John Mayer Annie Hor