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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

History and status of online streaming video (Fall 2019)

From spring 2017 through fall 2018, the University Library provided open access to all 60,000+ videos in the Kanopy collection.  The purchase on demand (Patron Driven Acquisition - PDA) model included automatic licensing of any title surpassing a use threshold, resulting in ever-increasing costs as the videos became more and more popular. (Increased use meant constantly increasing costs to an extremely unsustainable level, and this was repeated at campuses around the CSU system.)  In spring 2019, Stanislaus State (along with most CSU campuses) switched to a pre-purchase model, which meant only those Kanopy titles actually selected by faculty and librarians were purchased and accessible to the Stan State community on the Kanopy platform.

For fall 2019, the University Library added a subscription to the Academic Video Online (AVON) collection of 67,000 videos, providing unlimited access for a fixed, single annual subscription cost.  Existing Kanopy licenses are still valid until their expiration. For titles or topics that are not covered appropriately by the content in AVON, instructors can request renewal of expiring licenses (or purchases of new licenses) from Kanopy or other vendors.

AVON and Kanopy: General Similarities

Some general comparisons of the three largest academic video providers:

  • Large multidisciplinary collections of academic / educational videos
    • Academic Video Online (AVON): ~65,000 titles
    • Kanopy: ~67,000 titles
  • Licenses content from major educational video providers (PBS, BBC, California newsreel)
  • Approximately 10%  (e.g. selected PBS documentaries) available on both platforms
  • General support for accessibility (close captioning, responsive design, cross-platform support)

AVON and Kanopy: Significant Differences

  • Cost for unlimited access to entire collection:
    • AVON and Films on Demand Master Academic: Single annual subscription fee
    • Kanopy: Escalating costs through year based on usage
      • Open model access to all videos (used by Stan State through Fall 2018): 4 views of 30 seconds triggers automatic $150 one-year license purchase of that title
      • Pre-purchase (currently in use):  Only access to videos licenses in advance (no previews) at $150 per year
  • Costs for individual title licenses:
    • Kanopy:  $150 for one year, multiyear licenses available
  • Legacy collections
    • Kanopy:  new service with more current collection; significant coverage of small independent filmmakers
    • AVON: Alexander Street video catalog (now owned by ProQuest), with licenses from third-part publishers
  • Platform
    • Kanopy:  very new, technologically advanced platform
    • AVON: new platform being implemented in 2019 (improving compliance issues)

Online Video Collections

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