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Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Kanopy Video Titles - License Expires in Winter / Spring 2020

The titles listed below are licensed by Stanislaus State through the entire fall 2019 term. They can be linked from Blackboard and course systems or accessed via the library's Kanopy site.

Kanopy videos with Stanislaus State licenses expiring after fall 2019
Kanopy Video Title License Expiration Date Access
Battle of Algiers 4/8/2020
Bi Polar Assessment 3/31/2020
Birth of Humanity 3/24/2020
BLISS 1/27/2020 AVON
Broken on All Sides 2/1/2020
Care - Care Workers, Their Clients, and a Coming Crisis 3/12/2020
Child Development Theorists 1/30/2020 AVON
Coming of Age in Aging America  2/1/2020
Constructing the Terrorist Threat  1/30/2020
Copwatch  2/1/2020
Cyber-Seniors 2/27/2020
Depression and Anxiety 3/28/2020
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell - by Dr Fiona Kennedy 1/31/2020
(The) Disaster Artist  1/01/2020
Disorders Associated with Mood Disturbance 3/28/2020
Dreamworlds 3 6/20/2020
(The) End of Poverty? - An Exploration of World Poverty  1/01/2020
Essential Toolkit Running Groups - 17 Point Preparation Checklist - by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Paul Grantham  1/31/2020
Forbidden - Gay and Undocumented, Moises Serrano Fights for Justice  1/28/2020
Funeral Parade of Roses - Bara no sôretsu  1/01/2020
Hippie Family Values 3/25/2020
Holding Ground  2/6/2020
Homo Sapiens 1900  2/8/2020
Ikiru  1/01/2020
In Sickness and In Weath 5/1/2020
Intersexion 2/12/2020
Is Aging a Disease?  2/1/2020
Latinos Beyond Reel 5/2/2020
(The) Lottery - Winning an Education  1/01/2020
(The) Lower Depths (playlist)  1/01/2020
(The) Most Dangerous Man in America - Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 4/19/2020
Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now  3/22/2020
Other Disorders 3/28/2020
Out in the Night - Criminalization of Race, Gender Identity and Sexuality  1/01/2020
P.S. I Can't Breathe (Black Lives Matter)  2/1/2020
Peace Officer  2/1/2020
Persona  1/01/2020
Physics Demonstrations in Electricity & Magnetism: Part I  1/30/2020
Physics Demonstrations in Electricity & Magnetism: Part II  1/30/2020
Physics Demonstrations in Electricity & Magnetism: Part III  1/30/2020
Prison State - The Cycle of Incarceration in America  1/31/2020
Red Beard  1/31/2020
Remember the Alamo  1/28/2020
Royal Wedding 1/31/2020
(The) Rules of the Game - La règle du jeu  1/01/2020
Seven Samurai (playlist)  1/01/2020
Stop - Challenging NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" Policies  2/1/2020
Stress and Coping  4/19/2020
Taking Back the Schools  1/01/2020
They Call Us Monsters - A Sensitive Look at Teenage Offenders  1/01/2020
Tortilla Soup  1/01/2020
Visions Of Abolition 1/28/2020
Walking With the Great Apes 3/25/2020
Who's Afraid of Designer Babies? 2/8/2020
Women Art Revolution  1/28/2020
Women's Power  2/1/2020
Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun 3/5/2020


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