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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Stan State Kanopy Titles with a License Expiring During Fall Term 2019

Instructors needing a video that expires should contact the library ( about a renewing a license or using an alternative (e.g. from the new Academic Video Online/AVON collection).

CSU Stanislaus Kanopy Videos with License Expiring in Fall Term 2019
Kanopy Title Kanopy Expires New Access
A More Perfect Union  8/31/2018 AVON
Cultures of the Ancient Near East  8/31/2018  
Endless Questions - Critical Thinking and Research  8/31/2018 AVON
Irvin Yalom: Live Case Consultation  8/31/2018
Kedi - The Cats of an Ancient City  8/31/2018  
Poor Kids - Childhood Poverty in the U.S.  8/31/2018 AVON
Socrates on Trial: For the Defense  8/31/2018  
The Goddess and the Computer  8/31/2018 AVON
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night  9/30/2018  
Bowenian Family Therapy - With Philip Guerin  9/30/2018
Déjà Vu (1858-1961)  9/30/2018  
Experiential Family Therapy with Carl Whitaker (playlist)  9/30/2018
He Said She Said - Gender, Language and Communication with Deborah Tannen  9/30/2018  
I Want To Be A Mathematician - A Conversation with Paul Halmos  9/30/2018  
In Defense of Food - An Eater's Manifesto  9/30/2018 AVON
Magical Death  9/30/2018  
Precious Knowledge - Fighting for Mexican American Studies in Arizona Schools  9/30/2018  
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist)  9/30/2018  
Shop 'Til You Drop - The Crisis of Consumerism  9/30/2018  
Structural Family Therapy - With Harry Aponte  9/30/2018
Struggles in Steel - A Story of African-American Steelworkers  9/30/2018 AVON
The Empathy Gap - Masculinity and the Courage to Change  9/30/2018  
The Love Witch  9/30/2018  
The Medicated Child  9/30/2018 AVON
The Struggle in the Fields  9/30/2018  
The Young Karl Marx - Le jeune Karl Marx  9/30/2018  
We Were Here - The AIDS Years in San Francisco  9/30/2018  
 Created Equal  10/31/2018 AVON
...And The Earth Did Not Swallow Him  10/31/2018 AVON
A Dangerous Son - Children Suffering From Emotional Disturbances 10/31/2018  
Anita - Speaking Truth to Power  10/31/2018 AVON
Breaking the Maya Code - Discovering Remnants of the Mayans  10/31/2018  
Built to Last  10/31/2018 AVON
Decoding Neanderthals  10/31/2018 AVON
El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade  10/31/2018  
El Norte  10/31/2018  
Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda  10/31/2018 AVON
Generation Found - Youth-Focused Addiction Recovery Support  10/31/2018 Renewed through 10/2022
It's a Free Country  10/31/2018 AVON
King in the Wilderness - The Final Years of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 10/31/2018  
Lavender  10/31/2018  
Maquilapolis: City of Factories - Activism for Low-Wage Workers in Mexico  10/31/2018 AVON
More Than a Word - Native American-Based Sports Mascots  10/31/2018  
Object-Relations Family Therapy - With Jill and David Scharff  10/31/2018
Satir Family Therapy - With Jean McLendon  10/31/2018
Solution-Oriented Family Therapy - With Bill O'Hanlon  10/31/2018
Straightlaced—How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up  10/31/2018  
Talk to Me - Children with Autism  10/31/2018  
8 1/2  11/30/2018  
56 Up  11/30/2018  
Activity Log  11/30/2018  
Becoming American  11/30/2018  
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Donald Meichenbaum  11/30/2018
Donald Meichenbaum on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy  11/30/2018
Dysfunctional Societies - How Equality Makes Societies Stronger  11/30/2018  
Gen Silent - Discrimination Against LGBT Seniors (playlist)  11/30/2018  
Ixcanul  11/30/2018  
Miss Representation  11/30/2018  
My Friend Dahmer  11/30/2018  
Strategic Couples Therapy - With James Coyne  11/30/2018
The Bad Sleep Well  11/30/2018  
The Divide - What Happens When the Rich Get Richer?  11/30/2018  
The Garden - Fighting for an LA Urban Garden  11/30/2018  
The Great White Hoax - Donald Trump and the Politics of Race and Class in America  11/30/2018  
The Slanted Screen - Hollywood’s Representation of Asian Men in Film & Television  11/30/2018  
The Split Horn - The Life of A Hmong Shaman in America  11/30/2018 AVON
Understanding the Traumatized Child  11/30/2018  
Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie - What Do You Do When Your Brain is Your Enemy?  11/30/2018  
Funeral Parade of Roses - Bara no sôretsu  12/31/2018  
Ikiru  12/31/2018  
Out in the Night - Criminalization of Race, Gender Identity and Sexuality  12/31/2018  
Persona  12/31/2018  
Seven Samurai (playlist)  12/31/2018  
Taking Back the Schools  12/31/2018  
The Disaster Artist  12/31/2018  
The End of Poverty? - An Exploration of World Poverty  12/31/2018  
The Lottery - Winning an Education  12/31/2018  
The Lower Depths (playlist)  12/31/2018  
The Rules of the Game - La règle du jeu  12/31/2018  
They Call Us Monsters - A Sensitive Look at Teenage Offenders  12/31/2018  
Tortilla Soup  12/31/2018  

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